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Surgical and Non-Surgical Techniques for Male Enhancement

Men, who have smaller penis, can use penis stretchers or male enlargement exercises to improve the penis size and enjoy sex with their women. You are advised to read user reviews and choose best penis enlargement devices for enhancing your male.

Several male enhancement methods are available for men, who are born with shorter penis. Men with shorter penis need not worry. They can enhance their penis with safer and non-invasive techniques. In order to help people with shorter penis, many companies worldwide have introduced traction based penis enlargement devices, which are clinically proven and safe to use.

Traction based penis enhancement devices

Many prominent companies are offering traction based penis enlargers. People are advised to read the benefits and disadvantages of each device before buying one to enhance the male size. It is also necessary to read user reviews to know more about that particular brand penis extender. Penis stretcher will help men to improve stamina, sexual performance and confidence. It will help to lengthen your male apart from improving the girth of the penis. Both girth and length are important to satisfy your woman.

Doctor endorsed and clinically proven penis stretchers are helpful to enhance your penis size up to 4 inches in a time frame of 6 months to one year. You will be able to improve erection strength with safe medical device – penis extender. People need to wear the traction based penis extender over their penis. It applies slow and gradual force on the penis along the entire length. It comes with silicone loop to provide comfort and offer measurable results. You need to wear daily two to four hours for effective size gain results. It helps to ensure more blood flow the penile region. The penile cells will get expanded to hold more blood. As a result, the cells are multiplied and help to boost the size. It will help to boost the girth of the penis. It will also enlarge the ligaments over a period time and will improve the length of the penis. Penis stretchers are the best and safe products to enhance the penis in terms of length and girth. You will be able to offer improved sexual performance with your enlarge penis. It helps to gain 3 to 4 inches in length. A penis with length of over 6 inches will help to offer nice sexual performance. Penis extenders are cheaper. You can increase the penis size by at least 1 inch in a month’s time.

Penis pumps

Many men are also using penis pumps to enhance their penis. It applies pressure on the penis to improve blood flow. Penis pumps can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. It helps to draw more blood to the penis. You can place ring around the erected penis to hold the blood flow. It helps to improve the firth of the penis. Penis pumps are cheaper.

Surgical techniques for improving penis length and girth

Experienced surgeons are performing penis enhancement surgery. It could be performed in a day or two. Physicians may recommend using penis stretchers before the surgery for few months.

Men, who are born with shorter penis, should understand that penis enhancement surgery is highly risky. People are likely to develop infection and other complexities post-surgery. Men may also lose their ability to perform sex post-surgery. It may also lead to impotence. You may not get sufficient erection. You may experience severe pain. Men need to follow strict discipline post penis enhancement surgery. It is not 100% safe. It is also expensive.

Exercises for Penis enhancement

In the ancient days, people used to hang weights to the penis to improve its length. It may help to improve length of the penis. It is dangerous to apply weights for enhancing the male size. People are advised to try safe to use penis enhancement exercises, which were followed for several thousand years.

Jelqing exercise

It is also called milking exercise for enhancing male size. It is safe and offers long lasting penis stretching results for men with smaller penis. Various types of jelqing techniques are employed for improving the size of the penis in both girth and length.

In the standard jelqing exercise, men need to make an OK sign and hold penis at the base. You just need to pull it toward the head. It helps to bring more blood to the penile region. The penile chambers get enlarged to hold more blood. It helps to improve the girth of the penis. It also helps to improve the length of the penis. You need to repeat this exercise at least half an hour a day for better enlargement results. It offers permanent size gain results. People may apply some lubrication for better male enlargement results. People can also try the above jelqing method without using any lubricants.

People can use Tao technique to improve girth of head of the penis. People can also buy devices available in the market to try the jelqing exercises.

Men can sit in a chair and perform penis enhancing exercise. You can hold the penis with one hand at the base and pull towards the head. Repeat this exercises 20 to 30 times. You are advised to practice slowly in the initial stage. Now repeat this exercise towards the left. Give a one minute gap and perform the same exercise in the opposite direction. This helps to enlarge the ligaments of the penis. It will also ensure increased blood flow to the penile region. It will help to form new tissues to hold additional blood. Over a period of time, you will considerable size gain results. It is one among the best exercises for permanent size gain results.

Men should understand that having a 4 inch penis is just sufficient to satisfy the women. Girth is very important, as the sex nerves are located at the base of the vagina. There, men having a 4 inch penis with appropriate thickness will be able to offer excellent sexual satisfaction. Men with penis size over 6 inches will be able to offer more sexual performance. Men should first turn on the women through stimulating the clitoris and smoothly rubbing the nipples. They should try the intercourse once the woman is on and catching the penis. Men can definitely enhance their penis size with safe to use male enhancement devices or physical male enlargement exercises.